How the Plan Works

Getting dental care is easy and affordable with Blue Cross Dental. The plan pays benefits based on allowances for services; Blue Cross network dentists agree to accept the allowances at 100% coverage for basic and preventive care. Other services, including braces, are also covered.

You can use any dentist you choose, but an out-of-network dentist may charge more than the Blue Cross allowance, and you’ll have to pay the difference.

Preauthorization is required for certain dental services.


Annual deductible
Annual benefit maximum
Preventive and diagnostic care
(one dental exam, two cleanings, fluoride for children to age 19, X-rays, and sealants every 24 months for children under age 18)
Basic care
(fillings, extractions, etc.)
Major restoration care
(crowns, onlays, root canals)
Bridges and dentures
Blue Cross Dental Plan
$2,000 per person
100% covered
100% covered
100% covered
50% covered
50% covered
50% covered, up to a $2,000 lifetime orthodontic maximum benefit per person


To find a network dentist, contact Blue Cross Dental.

Blue Cross Dental
401-831-7300 or 800-527-7290
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