Member Assistance Program (MAP)

What You Need to Know

As a LIUNA member, you have a powerful ally to help you handle life’s everyday challenges, build resilience, manage stress, and get help for more serious personal concerns: the Member Assistance Program (MAP).

Rhode Island Laborers’ Health Fund has joined with Spring Health to provide you and your family with personalized mental health services and work-life resources through the MAP.

Spring Health is confidential, easy to use, and costs nothing to get started. See below, and view the Spring Health brochure [PDF] for details.

Who Is Eligible for the MAP?

You, your spouse, and your eligible dependents age 6 to age 26 are all eligible to use MAP services.

Get Care You Can Trust

Mental well-being is a topic discussed more often and more freely these days. But, understandably, you may feel uneasy seeking assistance with personal problems such as alcohol or drug use, family or marital issues, depression or anxiety, financial pressures, and job stress.

The MAP provides you, your spouse, and your eligible dependents with easy access to confidential, short-term counseling services and resources to help you with life’s ups and downs—all at no cost to you.

Here’s what you can expect from the MAP through Spring Health.

Therapy and coaching

Eight therapy sessions and eight coaching sessions are included in your plan (for you and each of your eligible dependents), with costs covered by the Fund.

Dedicated support

Get help from a Care Navigator—a licensed clinician who can answer questions, adjust your care plan, and check in with you along the way.

Wellness exercises

Use self-guided exercises that are focused on managing mental wellness and building healthy habits.

Personalized care plans

Take a quick online mental health assessment, and get a care plan designed just for you.

Diverse providers

Find a therapist who puts you at ease. Filter by specialty, gender, languages spoken, and more.

Work-Life Resources

Need help managing life outside of work? Access expert guidance and resources to navigate legal or financial matters, child care, elder care, pet care, travel, household services, and more. On the Spring Health home page, enter Work-Life Resources code rilhf to get started.

What Happens When You Contact Spring Health?

To help you get started, Spring Health connects every member with a Care Navigator—a licensed clinician who will act as your personal guide to ensure you receive the best care for your needs.

Spring Health takes away the guesswork with a short assessment that evaluates where you are today and creates a care plan based on your needs and preferences.

You will receive feedback on your results, along with recommended next steps.

What Could Next Steps Be?

  • Depending on your needs, you may benefit from short-term counseling or longer-term treatment through your medical benefits.
  • Your Care Navigator—with your permission—can contact insurance and referral services for you.
  • Your Care Navigator can also direct you to Spring Health online resources such as Moments, a digital library of self-guided exercises designed to improve your mental well-being. Your Care Navigator can also help locate community resources and support, answer your questions, or address your concerns.

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of care

  • Spring Health-referred clinicians use care and discretion when researching resources for you.
  • Names or specific details that could identify you or a family member aren’t mentioned without your or their written, signed permission.
  • Spring Health staff and Spring Health-referred clinicians won’t tell the Fund, the Union, other LIUNA members, or your employer that you called the MAP or used MAP services.
  • Treatment that you or a family member receives through the MAP is strictly confidential; it will never be discussed with anyone other than you without your written, signed permission.
  • You may find it helpful—as some Fund members do—for Spring Health-referred clinicians to speak to your family members or others to answer questions about ways they can support your effort to get help. However, clinicians will only do this with your written, signed permission.

Need help immediately?

Spring Health offers crisis support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, whether life-threatening or not.

Call 855-629-0554, and press 2 to connect with a licensed professional within 60 seconds. You do not need to activate or log in to your Spring Health account to call.

If you or someone you know is at risk of harm, call 911 immediately.

To reach the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, call or text 988.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to questions you may have about Spring Health, please view the Spring Health-provided FAQs [PDF].


To activate your account, visit the Spring Health website, and register to get started online. (To access Work-Life Resources, scroll down on the home page and enter code rilhf.)

For questions or support, visit the website’s Support center or call Spring Health.

Spring Health

  • Press 1 for support in Spanish.
  • Press 2 for crisis support (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week).
  • Press 3 for general questions or support (available Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–11 p.m. ET).
Support center

Mobile App

Download the Spring Health mobile app (available free from the following platforms)