Vision and Hearing Care

Vision Highlights

Vision screenings: $10 for a routine eye exam every 12 months with a Davis Vision in-network provider; $40 for an out-of-network provider.

Prescription eyeglasses or contacts: $200 benefit per person every 12 months for prescription eyeglasses (with lenses and/or frames) or contact lenses with a Davis Vision provider. Discounts on frames or contact lens costs over $200 are available.

Hearing Highlights

The Fund covers regular hearing checkups and provides a benefit for hearing aids.

Screenings: 100% coverage after $30 copayment for a hearing exam with a BlueCard PPO network provider. 100% coverage for hearing diagnostic testing with a BlueCard PPO network provider.

Hearing aids: 80% coverage after the annual deductible, up to a $1,000 benefit per hearing aid for you and each of your family members age 19 and over, and up to a $1,500 benefit per hearing aid for children under age 19. Coverage is the same in- and out-of-network.


To find a vision care network provider, contact Davis Vision. For annual hearing screenings, contact a BCBS BlueCard PPO in-network provider.

Davis Vision

BCBS of Rhode Island
401-459-5000 or 800-639-2227
(Log in and choose the “BlueCard PPO” provider network)

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